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  Nut Dryer
14 Tonne Macadamia Nut Dryer/ Pre-dryer

Nut Dryers

We were approached by several local macadamia producers to develop an on-farm drying system for nuts, to address some of the downgrade encountered in present methods of storage.

With increasing nut in shell prices, producers are realizing the significant cost of losses due to poor silo practice. Simply blowing ambient air through any larger quantity of nuts will not guarantee uniform dryness, and re-wetting is a common result.

There are many parallels in quality hardwood and nut drying, both are dried at similar temperatures, and at carefully controlled rates of moisture loss.

Our expertise is in carefully monitoring ambient and kiln temperature & RH, and by managing venting and heat input, we are able to control very finely the rate of moisture loss, and keep energy use to a minimum.

Initially indirect gas fired, but able to be coupled to a solar module, the dryer is based on a 20 foot insulated shipping container with stainless steel interior, divided into two side -loading bins, holding approx. 14 tonnes.

The control system has taken two years to develop and is probably the most sophisticated available. The system is EMC (equilibrium moisture content) based and makes full use of the drying capabilities of ambient air by monitoring the atmosphere within the dryer and ambient air, if heat is required to maintain the drying process it is provided by a gas water heater and heat exchanger.

There is a modulating air inlet vent which blends ambient air and process air to maintain the pre-set drying rate.

The dryer is capable of drying NIS down to 4% (final dry) or any moisture content required.
Once the selected EMC is reached it maintains the nuts at this level and will not dry them further, therefore, there is no possibility of over drying.

The control system can be operated and monitored from the control panel on the dryer or the same can be done at a computer in the office or in your house or anywhere in the world with a phone line and laptop. There can be alarms activated if a problem arises that will alert the operator, this can be in the form of a flashing light on the machine, an alert on the computer or a phone message to a mobile phone.

When the system is operated in the fully automatic mode the operator only has to enter the final desired moisture content of the nuts (eg. 10%) and the daily required moisture loss (eg. 2% per day) to start the drying process.

After a bin load of nuts has been started, the control system analyses the recirculating air and calculates initial moisture content.
The control system will then calculate and display
1. the time required to dry the nuts
2. the running time of the drying process
3. the remaining drying time.

When the system is operated in the semi automatic mode the operator only has to enter the desired EMC of the recirculating air.
The control system will then accurately control the drying environment and the nuts will equalize their moisture content to the EMC set point.

This allows new nuts to be continually added to an existing part-load and equalized to the same MC before drying the batch as a whole.

Pine Cone Dryer
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